NuVision Energy Join Millerson Loyalty Programme

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NuVision Energy are delighted to annouce a new patnership with the Millerson Loyalty Card. 

Millerson Estate agents have just launched a new loyalty card scheme to benefit their landlords through offering discounts on a wide range of products maintenance and household products

As such NuVision Energy are delighted to announce that we have agreed for our SolarVenti Warmed Air Positive Ventilation System to be part of the scheme. 

SolarVenti benefits landlords by offering a ventilation system that is a zero running cost system which supplies warmed fresh air into the property helping prevent, condensation, mould, fungus and stale smells, whilst simultaneously helping to reduce the maintenance costs for your property. 

Installing SolarVenti could not be simpler with a choice between mounting on a south facing wall or roof and with our zero running cost system you never fear your tennant switching it off

Discover more at:

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