What to do if you suffer from Mould and black spot in your house.

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Often the source of mould and black spot is damp air that is trapped within the house.

This is damp air is often referred to as ‘high or raised humidity’ and is a breeding ground for mould, spores and black spot. This is not a healthy environment in which to live.

Air can be trapped if there is poor ventilation, the humidity level is often raised by the daily living cycle of bathing, cooking, drying clothes etc. where water vapour is absorbed into the air where it can remain.


Modern life means that houses are better sealed than ever and often for security reasons leaving windows open during the day or night is not feasible. However ventilation is important for both the health of the occupants and the fabric of the house.


A damp atmosphere is also a breeding ground for viruses and allergy related illnesses.


Therefore in order to improve the atmosphere and reduce the humidity levels you need to look how you can ventilate your house best.


A great recommendation is the SolarVenti Warm air positive ventilation system that not only lowers humidity levels using solar warmed air but also filters the air removing pollen, particulates and dust.