SolarVenti Opportunities

SolarVenti Opportunities

We are currently looking for companies interested in adding the SolarVenti Ventilation Panel to their product portfolio. We want to work with companies that will be dedicated to building sales and taking a long-term approach to the market.

Becoming a SolarVenti seller means you can offer a product that is unique to the ventilation market and addresses some of the major concerns of UK householders regarding air quality


The  Market

Millions of households throughout the UK suffer from poor air quality due to lack of ventilation, because homes have become more airtight. This is a consequence of changes to building regulations and energy efficiency measures and as a result homes are now suffering from more 

moisture related issues such as condensation, mould, fungus and stale smells, making homes potentially unhealthy to live in.



What solution does SolarVenti offer?


SolarVenti is a zero running cost ventilation system that delivers warmed fresh air into the home. SolarVenti has a dehumidifying effect on the property whilst allowing the household to breath fresh air creating a healthier living environment.


This is a ground floor opportunity to become involved in a product launching into the UK which offers a solution to a growing problem which encompasses both health and living environment.


To find out more about the opportunities available with SolarVenti please call 01404 891693 or email