The Energy Saving Range

Welcome to the NuVision Energy Energy Saving technology range


Over several years we have developed a range of energy saving products. These products have been selected to enable our customers to offer a range of solutions to their customers that make meaningful savings on their energy bills. 

Our range is suitable to be sold as standalone product, as part of a package, or with other renewable energy technologies to increase customer payback period.


A brief Overview of the range:


The NuVision Boiler Energy Saver

The NuVision Boiler Energy Saver improves the efficiency of your boiler by using smart technology to modify the boilers cycling process and create energy savings. The Boiler Energy Saver will operate with most boilers giving years of energy savings without reducing comfort levels.

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Magnatech improves the quality of the fuel entering into to your boiler which results in the boiler using less fuel to reach your desired temperature. Savings have been independently verified by the Tritech Environmental Technology Verification project.

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Most water based heating systems suffer from excess air which is pumped around your heating system. This reduces the system efficiency and in a lot of cases creates noise. Installed in your heating system pipework the Vortex not only removes this air but it also continues to remove oxygen to such low levels that it eliminates the formation of sludge, all of which help reduce cost.

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The Tado Wi-Fi based time clock and thermostat enables you to control your boiler from your computer, tablet or phone. The system allows for more accurate on /off set points so improving comfort levels and energy efficiency

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Approved by BRE, a simple and efficient energy saving is the installation of Radflek. This reflective sheet placed down the back of the radiator reduces the heat being absorbed into the wall behind – simple but effective cost saving.

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We are all aware that TRV valves are important on radiators to control the temperature within a room, however these can now be upgraded to have wireless communication allowing each radiator to be controlled through an app on your computer, tablet or phone. Ask about our Energenie option if this is something that appeals to you

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If your property voltage is above 235Volts then you suffer from high voltage. Signs may be electrical appliances such as toasters or light bulbs not lasting the manufacturer’s expected lifetime. OptiVolt 60 or 100 (depending on incoming supply) are a range of full power Voltage Optimisers that can be adjusted to suit the incoming voltage and can also work in conjunction with PV systems. The reduced voltage saves money through lower electricity bills but also improves the working life of most electrical equipment.

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The Optimise PV unit will turn on your immersion and heat the water in the cylinder by using the excess electricity available from the PV system that would normally be sent back onto the grid. Optimise PV adjusts the power of the immersion from 50 watts to 3kW.

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LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. LEDs also benefit from low heat emission which reduces maintenance while producing bright and economical light. Most bulbs are replaceable with an equivalent LED type.

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