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Magnatech high-performance fuel conditioning system

The Magnatech is a high-performance fuel conditioning system that cut costs and carbon emissions for energy users, whilst maximising heating system efficiency. This unit will provide a typical fuel saving of around 10%, with a very short payback period. Magnatech systems can be used to condition any type of liquid or gas hydrocarbon fuel.

The units use powerful magnetic technology that is independently verified by the Tritech ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) Project and is guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption by at least 6%.

What's more they are quick and un-obtrusive to fit, last for a lifetime and require no running or maintenance costs, making them a truly fit, forget and save solution.


• Reduces fuel consumption typically by 10% (proven reduction of at least 6%)
• Cuts your energy bills
• Reduces your organisation’s carbon footprint
• No costly production downtime (no lines are cut during installation)
• No maintenance or running costs – simply fit, forget and save!
• A short payback period coupled with a lifetime of savings.