About NuVision Energy


Solar Panel and Renewable Energy Supplier



Welcome to NuVision Energy solar panel suppliers and renewable energy suppliers to the trade.


At NuVision Energy we have a simple mantra energy through innovation.

Our mantra not only applies to us finding and bringing the latest solar, energy saving and renewable technologies to market. It is also about supporting our customers with the tools to ensure products as designed and specified correctly.  

As the UK heads on its path to carbon zero, we will need a variety of solutions to help reduce customers energy demand and this is why NuVision Energy has sources a number of solutions to help create healthier, more efficient living and working environments in the UK


Our Product range included:

  • Solar Panels

  • Battery Storage

  • Solar Inverters

  • Solar Mounting Solutions for all types of roofs

  • Ventilation, including MVHR and Positive Input solutions

  • Voltage Optimisation both Domestic and Commercial

  • Solar Thermal hot water

  • Heatese Energy Efficient boiler for large homes and commercial premises

  • Boiler Energy Savers

  • Airius Destratification Fans


Discover more about how NuVision Energy can support your business moving forward b contacting us today on 01404 891693 or email


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  • SolarVenti SV20 Village Hall
  • Solar PV Ground Mount System
  • Solar PV Roof Installation
  • Solar PV Pitched Roof Installation
  • GSE Integrated Roof Solutions
  • Pitched Roof Installtion