Airius Destratification Standard Series- Model 60 PSC

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Airius destratification fans (or destrat fans) are the most versatile and efficient destratification fans available.  They work alongside all new and existing heating and cooling systems to ensure temperatures provided by heating and/or cooling are circulated fully and maintained more efficiently throughout internal spaces.

Airius destrat fans prevent hot air from rising and accumulating at the ceiling by re-circulating it down to floor level where it is needed.  They also prevent cool air from becoming trapped in low points or in poorly circulated areas, thus creating a much more comfortable and controllable environment.  It does this by constantly circulating and mixing the internal air until temperatures are balanced and equalised between the floor and ceiling – thermal destratification.  This lessens the workload required from your heating and cooling system significantly, resulting in a highly reduced operating time.  This is where your energy savings are achieved.

Standard Series 

The original Airius free hanging destratification fan, first introduced in 2004, is a highly efficient, third generation, standalone destrat fan (axial turbine) that is suspended just below ceiling height.  Each unit is capable of equalising between 60 and 220 square meters of floor area.  The Airius free hanging product range is available in several models with various motors/controls to accommodate ceiling heights from 2.5 to 38 metres, ranging from the short model 10 to the largest model 100. Available in off white, or can be custom painted to match any RAL colour code.

A typical Airius destratification system includes a series of units mounted just below the ceiling, evenly spaced throughout a facility.  They work in conjunction with each other and heating and/or cooling systems to improve comfort, reduce heating and cooling costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Cost effective, easy to install, simple to maintain and economical to operate Airius destratification fans accommodate any workplace temperature control, applicable for ceiling heights from 2.5 to 38 meters and are easily adaptable to changing floor plans.

Airius Technical Data
Watts @ 50htz 120
RPM @ 50htz 1390
CFM @ 50 htz 1667
AMPS @ 50 htz .57
Airius Operating Temperatures
Min Start temp (approx) -10°C
Min running temp -20°C
Shut off 135°C
Reset 125°C
Airius Housing
Airius IP Rating IP44 Rated
Floor Area 222m²-148m² (1432-958ft²)
Airius Coverage
Ceiling Height 15m-19m (49-62ft)
Diameter 18m-12m (59-39ft)
Airius Noise
3 Metres 0-68 dB
Floor Level 0-47 dB
Airius Warranty
Airius Warranty 3 yrs from shipping date