COOLNOMIX Commercial Air Conditioning Energy Saver

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The Coolnomix AC-01 standard air conditioning unit is the ideal energy saving solution for commercial air conditioning units with compressors up to 8kW.

Installing the COOLNOMIX AC-01, standard air conditioning unit can reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

The COOLNOMIX AC-01 technology is the only air conditioning Control Unit on the market to feature dual sensor control. 

COOLNOMIX AC-01 is a new control system that substantially reduces running costs in fixed temperature driven air conditioning equipment. 

Coolnomix AC-01 is easily fitted to single and reverse cycle (heating and cooling) air conditioning installations in commercial and residential locations. 

In most air conditioning applications, a lot of energy is actually wasted because the units compressor (the main running cost component) runs much longer than required.

Using Optimised Refrigerant Supply (ORS) control technology the COOLNOMIX AC-01 is designed to reduce running costs even in the most demanding high humidity environments.


  • Reduced Power Consumption by up to 30% (in some cases even higher)
  • Minimised running costs compared with the best modern inverter systems. 
  • Dual Temperature sensor design delivering exceptional temperature stability
  • Auto detection of cooling and reverse cycle (heating) operation 
  • Eliminates dripping and icing even in high humidity environments 
  • Four user selectable operating temperatures 22°C (71.6°F) 23°C (73.4°F) 24°C (75.2°F) and 25°C (77.4°F)
  • Built in audible alarm- in the event of cooling failure (audible alarms can be silencec by an operator or turned off if not required)


Most compressors switch on and run continuously until the room temperature sensor switches the system off. Keeping the compressor running wastes energy!

COOLNOMIX AC-01 is the only air conditioning energy saver to monitor the incoming air flow to the condenser with its second sensor. Only when the air temperature has dropped sufficiently, does the COOLNOMIX AC-01 start to economise. 

When the compressor runs there is latent energy in compressed gas, by switching the compressor off when the cold air has stabilised, the COOLNOMIX AC-01 monitors the rise in temperature at the output of the condensor to a pre set point when the compressor is switched back on. At this point the gas pressure is low, therefore starting current and stress are too. This is repeated until the room thermostat switches the unit off. 

Remember COOLNOMIX AC-01 Optimised Refrigerent Supply (ORS) maximises the saving and efficiency of the air conditioning system by controlling simultaneously the thermodynamic (temperature) and hydraulic (refrigerant pressure) of the system.