E-Solo 2 Series

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Most data logger systems involve complex protocol and wiring procedures. No other system is this easy to install, just connect and play! Just one meter in your home, can not only show how much energy has been produced by the PV installations but also the income you have generated and CO2 emission you have saved!

What's more exciting is, this smart unit could also make your daily and historical energy visible on your desk! All these fantastic functions only need very simple and quick set up. 


  • Universal to any brand 
  • Simple and quick set up, connect and play 
  • Energy generation, FITs income, Co2 Emmission cut display 
  • 24 months generation data storage 
  • Easy read from larger-size back lighter LCD 
  • Wireless transmit range up to 50m 
  • Intelligent warning functions
  • Suitable for single/three phase systems 
  • Multi-currency selection