Genius Roof Solutions SolarFlash Flat Tiled Kit

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The innovative new weather proof solution to solar industry problem of fitting solar panels to slate roofs.

The Genius Solar Flash system is designed to create a waterproof solution to refitting slate/tiles around the bracket. The existing method of dressing a flashing material around the bracket is fundamentally flawed. This is because (without specialist equipment) the flashing material is in contact with the bracket, which is a moveable projection from the roof. This bracket must be allowed to move. By dressing lead around the bracket, any movement in the bracket will cause movement in the lead.. As the lead is interwoven with the slates/tiles, there is a potential for the lead to damage/crack the slates. 

Benefits of using Solar Flash:

  • It is simple practical and permanent 
  • It is easy to use by all installers 
  • Minimise roof tile cutting areas
  • Ensure sufficient bracket clearance for a range of different brackets 
  • Allows bracket movement without tile stress 
  • Doesn't compromise a roof's weather protection 
  • Doesn't compromise a roof's aesthetic appearance 
  • Comes with a 25year guarantee

MCS 012 Compliant

MCS 012 is a new standard that products which are used to fix solar PV and solar thermal products onto pitched roofs are meeting relevant local and national building regulations in terms of wind upload, weather tightness; and fire resistance. It requires full testing of the flashing kit in conjunction with the mounting kit. The SolarFlash system will pass any weather tightness test if used in conjunction with a bracket that give at least 30mm clearance from the rafter to the bend down the roof, i.e the elbow should be no less than 30mm deep and then can be made to work with shims (packings).


Genius SolarFlash
SolarFlash 1
Weather-seal foam insert 1
Three Phase Generation Meter
Shims (packings) 2