Heatese S Blue Flame Boiler

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Heatese ist the most efficient commercial boiler available on the market. Offering energy savings up to 80% on your existinf Boiler 

Heatese new boiler simply rethinks how boilers work.

Heatese boilers are over 80% more efficient than rival systems and reduces heating bills by up to 80%. 

Suitable for both Domestic and Commercial installation Heatese can vastly improve the comfort of homes and buildings whilst reducung the running costs.

Heatese comes in a cabinet readily assmebled for a plug and play installation on external walls of buildings and garages. 

The energy savings are created by 3 unique innovations:

  • Indirect Heat- It is a lot more effcient to heat air
  • Energy Storage- By retaining the energy created we ensure energy is not wasted 
  • Energy Recovery- By recycling the heat we can create more heat 

If you wish to learn more call 01404 891693 or download our brochures 

Disocver more at www.heateseuk.com


Heatese Boiler
CH Max Working Pressure (Sealed System) 1/2 TO 1 1/2 bar
CH Max Temperature 90°C
Stat A Safety Limit 110
CH Water Content (sealed system) Approx 30 litres
CH Water Content (open vented system) Approx 100 litres
CH Expansion Vessel Capacity 18 litres
CH Expansion Vessel Prefilling Pressure 1/2 TO 1 1/2 bar
Protecting Rating IP46
Power Supply Voltage 230V - 0.2kW- 50 Hz
Weight Empty 500kg
Safety Valve Operating Pressure 3 bar