SolarVenti Comfort system for ventilation, deumidficaion and heating support

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SolarVenti provides Comfort to home owners, helping reduce heating bills and improve their home environment.

There are few products that can make a difference to a home in so many ways, not only improving the quality of the internal environment but saving money at the same time. As it says in that old cliché ‘ a win win’ for the home owner.


So, how does the new SolarVenti Comfort system provide these benefits?


To start it supplies fresh filtered air into the property that already makes it a worth investment, reducing pollutants such as spores, pollens and particulates from entering the home as they would through an open window.


Warming this air using the sun not only improves the ability of the SolarVenti to lower the humidity of the house but the Comfort system does it in such a way that it can reduce heating costs.


Drier air requires less energy to heat and lowering the humidity makes the air feel warmer allowing you to run your heating system at a lower setting on the thermostat. This free heat that enters the house even during the winter reduces the amount of time the boiler has to run.


Couple this with the improved health benefits of a lowered humidity which means moulds, funguses and viruses are reduced - they increase in humid conditions.


Just when you can see so many benefits with a SolarVenti Comfort system then along come more – It has a cooling function during the summer – flick a switch and it runs to cool the house at night still filtering the air.


Finally the fantastic digital SControl from SolarVenti allows you to not only control with great accuracy your Comfort system but it can also run a secondary fan to cool or dehumidify.


If you are looking for the next investment in your home then there is nothing else which matches SolarVenti for benefits.


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