The PV*Sol report

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PV*Sol is the industry standard software for modelling your PV system.

In this article we look at the information that is presented in the PV*Sol report.


The PV*Sol report

Please click here to download a sample PV*Sol report for a 4kWp system.

The calculation is performed using historic weather data from the Climate and Weather database - the model is based on average figures and actual performance will vary year to year.

System Plan

The report begins with a system plan which shows an overview of the system configuration and inverter stringing.
Summary Results

The summary results of the calculation are presented:

PV Array Irradiation - this is the amount of light energy which is incident on the array in one year. Only a fraction of this energy is converted due to the system efficiency.

Energy Produced by the PV Array - this is the amount of energy that is actually produced by the PV system, once the efficiency of the panels and inverter have been accounted.

Specific Annual Yield - this is a great way to compare the efficiency of alternative systems which may be different sizes. The annual generation, in kWh, is divided by the size of the system, in kWp. The higher the Specific Annual Yield the better the performance.



Graph showing Performance over the Year

A graph is presented showing the results of the calculation for each month. This can be useful to give your customer an indication of how their system will perform through a typical year.

The scale on the left shows the electricity that could be generated by the system for each month, measured in kWh units.