How to connect a Solax Hybrid unit online

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How to connect a Solax Hybrid unit online

Solax have a great video for the Wi-Fi connection which you can view here -

Connecting the Solax Hybrid unit online

The Solax Hybrid has Wi-Fi built-in as standard. You will need a laptop on site to connect the Solax unit online.

1. Using a laptop connect to the Solax Hybrid Wi-Fi network.


2. Open a web browser and type into the address bar. The usename is admin and the password is also admin.


3. On the main page click Find AP


4. Select your customer's home Wi-FI network from the list of networks


5. Click on IP address and check that the inverter has a local IP address. If there is an IP address shown then the unit is connected online.


You will need to create an account for your customer on the Solax Portal. You can sing up for an account here -