Charge parameters for Solax Hybrid with LG 6.4EX battery

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Charge settings for the LG 6.4kWh Li-ion battery


***For settings for the new LG Chem 3.3kWh and 6.5kWh li-ion batteries please click here***


You will need to use the Solax Hybrid display to enter the charge parameters for the battery. The standard settings for the LG 6.4kWh Li-ion battery are copied below.

Parameter Setting for LG 6.4kWh Li-ion
Charge cut-off voltage 58.1 V
Discharge cut-off voltage 45.2 V
Maximum charge current 42 A
Maximum discharge current 42 A
Minimum capacity 5 %
Discharge cut-off voltage for EPS 44.2 V


If you are installing an LG Chem 3.2kWh battery expansion (bringing the total storage up to 9.6kWh) then you can increase the Maximum Charge Current and Maximum Discharge Current up to 50A.


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