New Build Homes

We design and supply a range of energy efficient technologies to New Build and Self Build Market. We always specify the system to match your requirements and offer technical support to ensure the technologies meet your requirements. 


Our New Build Technologies 

Solar PV 

We design a range of systems depending on what you require including 

  • Integrated Solar PV Systems 
  • Battery Storage Solar PV Systems 
  • Flat Roof Solar PV  Systems 
  • Battery Ready Solar PV Systems 


Our range of eco-friendly green ventilation systems deliver warmed fresh air into the home preventing mould, condensation and stale smells whilst filtering the incoming air of particulates including pollen and mould spores, whilst removing internal pollutants such as CO2 and organic compounds 

Our Range Includes: 

  • Off grid Ventilation Solutions 
  • Smart Ventilation positive input systems with ability to control the humidity and ventilation 
  • Ventilation with Heating Support 
  • Heat Recovery (Coming Soon)

Solar Thermal 

Our Range of Solar Thermal Solutions allow us to design systems to meet your properties hot water needs 

Options include:

  • Flat Plate Systems 
  • Tube systems 


Introducing our range of 100% Sheep Wool Insulation. Offering high quality, environmentally friendly insulation for high insulation strengths which ensure long term warmth in your home using a natural material 



Our range of heaters are made from natural ceramic stone offering both infra-red and convection heating. With ceramics ability to retain heat allows for heat to be emitted when up to temperature