SolarEdge P700 Power Optimiser MC4 2x72 Cell 1.2m

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SolarEdge P700 Power Optimiser 2x 72 Cell

The SolarEdge units maximise the generation from each panel in the array reducing the losses due to shading.

The Optimiser allows for connection of one optimiser to two 72 cell PV Panels 

Design note: a SolarEdge inverter is also required to run the system

Inverter DC Input
Max DC voltage (V) 125
MPPT voltage min (V) 13
MPPT voltage max (V) 105
Max DC current/ input (A) 11
Max DC power/ input (W) 730
Integrated DC switch No
Inverter AC Output
Max AC Output Current (A) 15
Inverter Physical Spec
Inverter Weight (Kg) 0.88
Inverter Width (mm) 141
Inverter Height (mm) 212
Inverter Depth (mm) 40.5
Inverter IP Rating IP65
Inverter Additional Features
Standard warranty 25