SV14 Aluminium Frame with On/off switch

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SolarVenti SV14 is designed to ventilate properties up to 80m2. The SolarVenti SV14 is able to be wall mounted and comes with a 12 watt solar cell.

The SV14 Kit includes as standard

·         SV14 Panel

·         All accessories for wall mounting kit

·         On/Off Switch 

·         Connecting pipe, gaskets, bolts etc.:



SolarVenti Technical Spec
Panel Surface Area 1.4 m²
Maximum Recommended Area 80m²
Maximum Airflow 110m ³
Estimated Time for Air Exchange <2hrs
Weight 14kg
Utilization of Solar Radiation 66%
Frame Aluminium
Estimating Energy input kWh /m2 per year 660 kWh
Estimating energy input kWh per year 924 kWh
Temperature difference of inlet air (approx) 30°C
Solar Cell Performance 12 Watt
Fan Performance 3-4 Watt
Air Outlet 125mm
SolarVenti General Spec
Panel Length 1974mm
Panel Width 704mm
Pane Height 55mm
Product Warranty 5yrs
SolarVenti System Parts
On/off Switch Yes
Regulator No
Thermostat No
Wall Mounting Kit Yes
Roof Kit No
Connecting pipe, gasket bolts Yes