VDV Trapezoidal Profile 320mm

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With a minimum of materials compared to the traditional pitched roof system the trapezium system can be used for any type of PV-module in both portrait as landscape.

The short pre-punched and cut profiles can be mounted fast and easily with rivets. The rivets are specially designed for maximum strength and durability. They have a neoprene gasket which together with the rubber gasket for underneath the profile make sure there is a watertight sealing on the roof.

Due the pre-punched holes the trapezium profiles are suited for a variety of different C/C sizes of the ribs.

Unique properties of the Van der Valk Pitched Roof Trapezium system:

  •  Modules can be mounted portrait and landscape
  •  Suited for every type of PV-module
  •  Watertight seal due special rivet and rubber gasket.
  •  Quick to mount
  •  Less materials required so low costs
  •  Easy logistics due to small profiles
Van Der Valk Trapezoidal Range
Crown to Crown Min 190mm
Crown to Crown Max 230mm