Charge parameters for Solax Hybrid with ZTE Pylontech Li-ion batteries

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Solax Hybrid charge settings for the ZTE Pylontech Li-ion batteries

You will need to use the Solax Hybrid display to enter the charge parameters for the battery. The standard settings for the ZTE Pylontech Li-ion batteries are copied below.


Parameter Setting for  ZTE Li-ion batteries
Charge cut-off voltage 53.5V
Discharge cut-off voltage 48V
Minimum capacity 20%
Discharge cut-off voltage for EPS 47V
Maximum charge current

1 battery (2.4kWh):       25A

2 batteries (4.8kWh):    40A

3+ batteries (7.6kWh):  50A

Maximum discharge current

1 battery (2.4kWh):       25A

2 batteries (4.8kWh):    40A

3+ batteries (7.6kWh):  50A


Battery DIP switches

Please set the DIP switches on each the ZTE battery to:



Temperature sensor

The temperature must to be fixed in the vicinity of the batteries in order to measure the temperature.


BMS lead

The system is supplied with a CAT5 to RS232 battery COMS cable. This must be connected to the first battery in the battery bank.


Magnetic rings

A couple of magnetic rings are provided to reduce electromagnetic interference from the battery cables. Fit one ring to the +ve cable and one ring to the -ve cable coming from the inverter to the batteries.


Junction board

Current stock is supplied with a junction board for linking the batteries together. The junction board works on the basis of a +ve and -ve bus bar. Each battery is rated 48V and they must be connected in parallel.


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