SolarVenti MVHR Heat Recovery

SolarVenti Heat Recovery delivers naturally warmed fresh air into your home creating a healthier environment to live in, whilst delivering these great benefits:

Reduced heating bill 

Prevention of Mould, Condensation and Stale Smells 

Fresh filtered air indoors

Remove internal pollutants 

Optional Summer Night Cooling 

No ongoing filter changes 

5yr Warranty 


How SolarVenti works:

SolarVenti Heat Recovery Ventilation also known as MVHR is the green ventilation system which delivers naturally warmed fresh filtered air into your property. 

By using the sun to warm the air, entering your home, we can achieve unrivalled efficiencies and running costs with:

SolarVenti Operating at 83% heat recovery at night, and with daylight we can achieve 100%-140% Efficiency

SolarVenti simply draws the air  into a collector installed on your roof. The air itself passes through the patented peforated holes, before being drawn through the filter, In additoin this filter also helps warm the air before it is ventilated into the house. 

The heat recovery unit then also recycles the existing heat fro your home back through the panel to minimise heat loss. 



All air entering your property is filters to 5 microns, meaning particulates such as pollen, mould spores, cannot enter the property. In addition there is no need to change the filters regularly as the system is cleaned by simply turning off the panel and allowing the sun to heat up the filter and burn off any particulates caught in the filter.


Dehumdifying effect: 

For every 11°C we warm air above ambient it can hold twice the amount of water. By warming the air entering the property we can absorb the moisture and ventilate it out of the property before it cools 


Removal of Internal pollutants:

By ventilating fresh air into the property we remove internal pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, CO, bacteria and mites and odour. These pollutants are caused by our everyday activities such as cleaning, breathing, cooking and painting. 


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