Choose the right battery for your Solax Hybrid system

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Battery options for the Solax Hybrid energy storage unit

The Solax Hybrid must be installed with a battery bank which provides energy storage for your customer's PV system. As this is a demanding application we recommend choosing lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries due to their high performance and long cycle life.


The Solax Hybrid is linked to the battery BMS so it must be installed with a compatible battery bank. Currently we have two battery options available - the LG Chem 6.4EX Li-ion battery, and the Pylontech ZTE Li-ion battery. When comparing battery options it is important to consider the capacity, cycle life and maximum depth of discharge that can be achieved. We also need to take into account the dimensions of the batteries, and the warranty provided by the manufacturer.


LG Chem 6.4EX Li-ion battery - High performance from leading brand

The 6.4EX battery bank offers high performance backed by a strong manufacturer's warranty. It provides a cycle life of more than 6,000 cycles, at 90% depth of discharge, which works out as an expected lifetime of over 10 years. LG Chem supply the battery with a 5 year remaining value warranty.

The 6.4EX offers 5.76kWh of usable storage (at 90% depth of discharge) which is well sized for a typical home with 4kWp PV system. If you have a project where you need more storage then the battery bank can be expanded with up to two 3.2EX 3.2kWh expansion units.

The battery looks smart and it is compact measuring 165 x 406 x 664mm and lightweight at 60kg.

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Pylontech ZTE 2.4kWh Li-ion battery - Strong performance and warranty

For a typical 4kWp domestic PV system we would recommend a 4.8kWh ZTE battery bank providing 3.84kWh of usable storage at 80% depth of discharge. Additional 2.4kWh batteries can be added up to a maximum of five batteries.

The ZTE 2.4kWh Li-ion battery comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

You will also require a cabinet to install the ZTE batteries, this keeps your installation neat and makes it safe.

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