How PV Cycle Works

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PV Cycle is a pan-European Producer scheme, offering dedicated compliance and waste management services for solar energy system products falling under WEEE and Battery Producer Responsibility legislation. In this article we go through the disposal process and the relevant forms you need to fill out. 



What is PV Cycle?

PV Cycle is a scheme that manufactures sign up to, to ensure that end of life PV modules are disposed of correctly and to the WEEE regulations.

Which Manufacturers are members?

To find out which manufacturers are members, please click the link below to the PV cycle website. If the manufacturer is not a member you will be charged to dispose of your end of life modules.

PV Cycle members 

How do I dispose of my end of life modules?

If you need to dispose of 40 or less modules please download the form below and send to

PV Cycle Disposal Request Form 


On receiving the form we will process the paperwork and arrange with yourself for the modules to be delivered to our warehouse at NuVision Energy, Unit 19P Flightway Business Park, Dunkeswell, EX14 4RD. 

If you would like us to arrange a collection please note we will charge for the collection and require payment prior to collection.


For 40 modules or more please send a quotation request form to and they will deal directly with yourselves.

Quotation Request Form 


After the modules are received

Once we have received the modules, we will confirm by sending back any relevant paperwork for your records with the signed information.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01404 891693.