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  • Created on : 11-Jan-2017
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List of panels which have completed GSE BRoofT4 fire testing


  • Created on : 02-Nov-2016
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With 1000's of installs of the NuVision Boiler Energy Saver units sold we have been finding out why the energy saver has been successful for our installers.


  • Created on : 06-Oct-2016
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Solax Hybrid settings for the new LG Chem 3.3, 6.5 and 10.0 RESU lithium ion battery

  • Created on : 01-Sep-2016
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Guide to connecting the new Growatt SP2000 Wi-Fi stick online

This guide is for the 2nd gen Wi-Fi stick with serial number "4K........."

If you have a 1st gen Wi-Fi stick with serial number "AH........." please refer to the guide here


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Our comparsion of the latest batteries on the market is designed to make choosing the right battery for your install easier. 

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In the majority of homes, over half your energy cost is accounted for by the heating and hot water usage. 

Traditional water based heating systems comprimise of a boiler, radiators and a hot water cylinder (although combi boilers don't have a cylinder). Most of these boilers shara a common form of control that, even with the majority of new boilers is still not efficient. 

Your heating system can be divided into three parts- the boiler, the radiators and the pipework. You can make your boiler and radiators more efficient through the installation of these new technologies.