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  • Created on : 05-Jun-2015
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The Vortex can save up to 29% on your customers heating bills, find out the results other Vortex customers have had 

  • Created on : 13-Apr-2015
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A question we regularly get asked is how does the NuVsion Boiler Energy Saver work? 

In this article we address the question and explain where the Energy savings are made on your boiler. 


  • Created on : 26-Jan-2015
  • Written By: nuvision
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To aid your understanding of the NuVision Boiler Energy Saver, we have put together a quick 'question and answer' piece of the most commonly posed questions.

This article will address how the NuVision boiler energy saver makes a boiler more efficient and how the energy savings are achieved. Additionally, we also answer questions on compatibility and the differences between the boiler energy saver and the energy saver plus.

  • Created on : 04-Sep-2015
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Just how effective is the boiler Energy Saver?

Find out how much energy the NuVision Boiler Energy Saver saved when installed with a Potterton Kingfisher floor standing gas boiler.

  • Created on : 18-Feb-2016
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A rising demand in the UK for more energy efficient homes has led to a number of technologies becoming available on the market. 

  • Created on : 07-Mar-2016
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As businesses we are all looking for new markets where we can generate sales. NuVision Energy has developed a range of Energy Efficient products that can help make homes and business more energy efficient. 

In this article we look at the opportunities that exist for businesses in the energy efficiency market for boilers.