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In the majority of homes, over half your energy cost is accounted for by the heating and hot water usage. 

Traditional water based heating systems comprimise of a boiler, radiators and a hot water cylinder (although combi boilers don't have a cylinder). Most of these boilers shara a common form of control that, even with the majority of new boilers is still not efficient. 

Your heating system can be divided into three parts- the boiler, the radiators and the pipework. You can make your boiler and radiators more efficient through the installation of these new technologies. 

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With 1000's of installs of the NuVision Boiler Energy Saver units sold we have been finding out why the energy saver has been successful for our installers.


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Most households run a boiler as the main method of heating their home.  Whether the home runs a combi, condensing or system boiler using natural gas, oil or LPG the NuVision Boiler Energy Saver can make Energy Efficiency savings.

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As businesses we are all looking for new markets where we can generate sales. NuVision Energy has developed a range of Energy Efficient products that can help make homes and business more energy efficient. 

In this article we look at the opportunities that exist for businesses in the energy efficiency market for boilers. 

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A rising demand in the UK for more energy efficient homes has led to a number of technologies becoming available on the market.