310W JA Solar Percium black 35mm

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310 JA Solar Percium mono panel

1657 x 996 x 35mm

Black frame, white backing

PV Module Construction
Cell type Mono
Cell quantity 60
PV Module Electrical Performance
Power Output 310W
MPP Voltage 32.60V
MPP Current 9.51A
Open Circuit Voltage 40.30V
Short Circuit Current 10.04A
Module efficiency 18.8
PV Module operating conditions
Max series fuse rating 20A
PV Module General specification
Module Width 996mm
PV Module Height (mm) 1657mm
PV Module Depth 35mm
Module Weight 18.7kg
Frame colour Black
Backing sheet Black
MCS Certification Yes
PV Modules Temperature coefficients
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax(%/°C) -0.37
Temperature Coefficient of Voc (%/°C) -0.30
Temperature Coefficient of Isc (%/°C) 0.06
This product has a minimum quantity of 8