VDV Roof Hook Tile Twist

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Roof Hook Tile Twist

  • The Roof Hook Tile bracket is usually used for roofs with flat concrete tiles. It can also be used with the ‘Genius SolarFlash’ waterproofing kit for mounting on a slate roof.The arm of the bracket raises 35mm above the base with a ‘Dogs leg’ shape.
  • The bracket is fixed to the side of the Van der Valk rail using a standard T bolt.
  • The Roof Hook Tile Twist bracket is suitable for mounting modules with rails running vertically up the roof. If the rails are running horizontally then you will require the standard version of this bracket without the 'Twist'.

Van der Valk

As the efficiency of solar systems is largely dependent on the mounting system in which they are fitted, Van der Valk Solar Systems decided to specialise in mounting systems.

The results are evident in systems that distinguish themselves in terms of their durability, reliability and ease of assembly, as well as their range of applications. Van der Valk Solar Systems has developed a complete range of fixed and tracking systems suitable for virtually every conceivable base, such as open fields, roofs and water features.